Anonymous asked: "Do you have an art blog??"

Does a  personal blog where I post my drawings count?

posted 8 months ago

Anonymous asked: "Maybe change the theme again?"

I don’t know where to find the previous theme ;A; can anyone send me the link if they see it?

Anonymous asked: "Hello! Will you be opening the cafe again any time soon? I'd love to drop by!"

I really don’t know when but it will open again… I just don’t know when. :)

posted 1 year ago


I accidentally changed the theme and I don’t know what to do anymore

Anonymous asked: "Hey Jack, what is your favourite job to do around the cafe? and which one do you hate the most? also what else can we find in your cafe?"


What is my favorite job? Having a nice chat with the costumers of course! It’s really heartwarming to see them take a breather after a long busy day. I don’t hate doing anything but if I had to pick, I would say cleaning around the cafe. It’s always so dusty and cleaning is never a hing I enjoy doing.

You can’t imagine what you’ll find in this cafe. There are things yet to be discovered-even by me! Obviously, the yetis like to stun me.

Maybe I’ll show you around one day. Sounds fair?

Anonymous asked: "Jack, you look so elegant in this café. ((Seriously though, love the art.))"


((I couldn’t resist making one, sorry and thanks! xD)) 

Anonymous asked: "Now I keep wondering if those empty or run down little things in the town are a Café I just don't know about."


itsbroox asked: "((aaaAaAAAA thanks for the post!! id love to continue the narrative, but the shop is closed and my drawing skills are limited to painting frost lines on a hoodie. SPEAKING OF there was a convention today and I went as jack and UGH so fun. BTW for the record, I LOVE coffee. hence my interest in this blog. i love what youre doing here.))"

((What, I thought I answered this one but apparently not. Sorry about that! I saw your picture from the convention! You have a handsome face, broox y///y and I don’t care how well one can draw! So promise me to submit something when the cafe opens? ;) ))

the-stars-descend asked: "So is it weird for you when believers stumble in here and they don't recognize you, because they've never seen you before? Like, they can see you anyway because they believe, and you know why they can see you, but they're totally clueless? Or has that never happened before?"

It never happened to me before but even if they don’t recognize me I wouldn’t be upset or anything. I would still greet them and instead of telling them I’m Jack Frost, I’ll let them find that out by themselves.


Anonymous asked: "What are those on your wrist Jack?"


Oh, this? Just some stringy bracelets…? Mun gave it to me.